Welcome to KBSS

Doing business with a foreign business partner requires a smooth communication and coordination. It is widely known that insufficient communication and/or miscommunication costs a lot of time and money for companies. Yet it is not easy to prevent this for the smaller companies. KBSS has longer than 20 years of experience in this profession and has sufficient knowledge on both written regulations and unwritten social codes of both countries.

Drs. Song is currently a Dutch representative for Governors Association of Korea (www.goak.or.kr), through which she keeps a close network and channel with the Korean local government authorities.

KBSS (Korean Bureau Sana Song) delivers qualitative and responsible services to her clients in the following areas:

•Interpretation & Translation Service (Dutch court registered translator/ interpreter Wbtv no. 259):
=> Notaries translation of official documents like population registers, driving licenses and diploma papers for both directions (from Korean to Dutch and the other way around);
=> Official Interpretation for passing notaries acts (notaries acts for mortgage, marriage, and testament);
=> Business Interpretation both in English and Dutch

•Communication and Coordination Services for Korea and the Netherlands:
Contacting, preparing, & coordinating the visits of companies, governmental organizations, NGO's, academic institute

•House Purchase and Sales Advice & Support:
Dutch Accredited Real Estate Junior Agent Diploma (K-RMT no. 60100648)

•Information and Marketing Research Services for Korea and the Netherlands:
Supplying data and reports as required

•Korean Language Training:
KBSS offers a tailor-made language-training course. Contact KBSS for the further information

CV of Drs. Sana Song